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Top 5 ways to find the best salon in the inner west

So you've successfully fought off Covid-19, battled through the dark days of isolation, worked from home with one hand and home schooled the kids with the other. Medals have been awarded for lesser bravery... but instead of an adoring parade through the inner west to commemorate your resilience you'll settle for finding the best salon and best hairdresser in the inner west of Sydney for some long overdue pampering!

But whether you have a simple chop in mind or a more involved colour revamp to resuscitate your mane back to life, finding the perfect salon and stylist for you can be like finding a needle in a 'hair-stack' (see what we did there?).

Never fear! There are some simple steps you can take in addition to simply typing "hairdresser near me" or "best hairdresser in Rozelle" into google and hoping for the best. Here are the top 5 ways you can find your new BFF forever salon who'll love your hair as much as you do!

1. Read Reviews - The good, the bad, and the unreasonable!

The customer voice is louder than ever, so make sure you do some listening online!

Good salons should have a decent amount of reviews on Facebook or via Google Reviews to give you some idea of how those before you have enjoyed their experience and results.

Anything less than an overall 4.5 star rating for the salon should raise eye brows, and engaged salons who value their customers will have replied to each review. This is important as it shows they care about their clients and value their feedback. Also, salons can't alter these reviews, so the feedback should be genuine!

Look for what the good reviews have to say, but also the bad ones. The best hair salons will handle the poor feedback professionally and actively try to find solutions for the unhappy customer. This will also help you understand which of the poor reviews are valid and which are just people having a vent online (it happens)!

2. Instagram (IG) - Quality AND Quantity

Instagram is now one of the preferred ways for people to find a new ... well, anything really.

A new salon is no exception. Instagram can be an excellent way for you to gauge the strengths of a potential new partner in hair, as well as understand what services they offer before you even step inside the door.

But be warned! Not all is as it seems in the world of the internet (I know, shocker right?!). Some salons have been known to post images of work that isn’t theirs and was not done in their salon or even by one of their stylists. This disingenuous misrepresentation isn't necessary for salons and stylists who regularly create gorgeous outcomes for their clients. If they are good at what they do they will have enough ammunition to fire out into the IG air on a regular basis without the need to steal it from others!

So how can you spot a fake? Don't JUST look for great quality results in the images (healthy, shiny hair with rich, vibrant colour - see more below) but also proof that this work was done in their salon. The background behind the hair will speak volumes. You can match the background with what is shown in the Instagram stories or on their website images, as well as identifying consistency in their work.

3. Price - You get what you pay for

It's a cliché... but most clichés exist because they are true!

If you’re looking for your new hairdresser or salon in the bargain bin you might end up getting your hand bitten! Typically salons that charge a cheaper price are able to do so because they are cutting corners somewhere along the way. This might be a lack of education and investment into the skills of their stylists, using a cheaper, inferior colour, or potentially spending very little time on you and your hair in the salon.

This “churn and burn” style of salon where customers are rushed in and out to maximise the amount of people coming through the door each day is great for the salon’s bottom line, but not great for your hair! It can take just one poor experience to set you back months from your ultimate #hairgoals so proceed with caution.

Your hair is the crown you never take off, so make sure you invest your precious time and money into a salon that also invests in YOU!

4. Do they use a premium colour brand?

You can’t expect high-end results using a cheap or inferior product.

If it’s vibrant tones, rich multidimensional textures and a long lasting colour that is safe and gentle on your hair that you’re looking for then only a premium hair colour brand will do.

Look for a salon that uses and endorses a well-known, multinational brand that has a wide range to cater for all hair types and needs.

What you won’t see is the investment and training these big brands put into the training and education of the stylists in these salons. Their focus is creating incredible hair, and to do so they ensure their partnering salons are up to date with the latest techniques and trends. You and your hair will be the direct beneficiary to this investment!

Emma Dean Salon has used the Goldwell colour range for almost a decade and firmly stands behind it for amazing results. Goldwell is an extremely reliable and consistent colour that produces incredible vibrancy and shine each and every time.

5. Atmosphere – it’s the vibe!

Last of all, be sure you place an equal value into the feeling you receive when being in the salon itself.

If you’ve ticked all the above boxes you’ll still need to enjoy your experience and putting your feet up for a couple of ours in a relaxing space with friendly people where you feel comfortable to – literally – let your hair down.

The music, the people, the quality of the magazines / tea / coffee / champagne (ummmm…. Yes, champagne!) all create an atmosphere that will tell you everything you need to know when you walk in the door.

A happy salon has happy customers, usually because the salon and staff are confident and good at what they do.

So now you’re armed with the tools to find the perfect salon for you! Take your time, ask plenty of questions and do your research. A long lasting relationship with a salon that knows all about you and what’s best for your hair is well worth the investment of time and energy.

Happy hunting!


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