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From looking for work to industry 'Rising Star' in 12 months - How this Rozelle hairdresser did it!

Goldwell Hairdresser Rising Stars Sydney
Victoria after being accepted into the Goldwell Rising Stars Program

In April 2020 aspiring hairdresser Victoria was looking for a new place to work, still had to complete her apprenticeship and somehow begin the next step in her career in the middle of a global pandemic.

That's a lot for any hairstylist to manage, let alone one who is just 22 years old. But it seems "determination" is Victoria's middle name as she accepted the challenge before her and turned her situation into an incredible opportunity.

In just 12 months of joining the Emma Dean Salon team she's completed her apprenticeship, built the foundation of a loyal clientele on the salon floor, developed an outstanding reputation for delivering eye popping colour, and just last week received the exciting news that as a Senior Stylist Victoria has been selected for the Goldwell Rising Stars program.

Each year international colour brand Goldwell hand pick just a handful of up and coming hair artists from around the country who they believe have what it takes to take their talents - as well as the famous Goldwell brand - to the next level.

Out of countless applications from all over NSW, Victoria was one of just three artists to be chosen for the 2021 Rising Stars program where she will hone her already immense skills under the expert tutelage of industry icon Shane Henning.

"I'm really excited to have been selected", says Victoria,"To learn from someone like Shane (Henning) is an incredible opportunity and I can't wait to start using what I learn here on the salon floor".

Brunette balayage highlights warm brunette tones Sydney
Brunette Balayage

Despite some early hiccups in her career Victoria already possesses skills that veteran hairdressers can only admire from a distance. Finishing her apprenticeship in January this year Victoria is extremely passionate about all things balayage, lived in blonde and warm, rich brunettes.

Quickly becoming the salon balayage specialist, Victoria is also drawn to blurring the lines between traditional colour moulds.

"I really love multidimensional tones and shades that are neither blonde, nor brunette, but a delicious swirl of both," explains Victoria. "That lived in 'bronde' look is really on trend at the moment."

This modern twist on classic colour will make Victoria the perfect student to work under Shane Henning, who has also been a mentor to Principle Emma Dean Stylist Ben Hampstead.

"I found Shane to be one of the most inspiring hairdressers I've ever worked with," says Ben, who completed his own apprenticeship under Shane almost 25 years ago.

"Everything Shane does has both a classic yet modern feel to it, and I think Victoria will go to the next level - if that's even possible - after being a part of the Rising Stars program."

bronde hair balayage highlights cool hair tones Sydney
Bronde Balayage

With these two stylists at polar opposites of their careers it's incredible to see them joined by professional training and guidance at the highest level. After completing his apprenticeship all those years ago Ben has gone on to have an outstanding career in the hairdressing industry; becoming a foundation of Rozelle / Balmain hairdressing community for more than two decades.

With a full list of passionate and loyal clientele Ben has paved the way for young hairdressers like Victoria to emulate his success, which has been built on unrelenting dedication to education and customer service.

After working along side Ben and the other experienced stylists for almost a year on the Emma Dean Salon floor, Victoria has been like a sponge, soaking up all she can and applying it to her own craft.

Victoria joined Emma Dean Salon with an already developed passion for all things hair and beauty, but it's been her sweet and quirky disposition that clients love, as well as her phenomenal colouring skills. As her technical ability continues to out pace her years, her own client following has gone from nothing to an in demand hair stylist in less than a year.

Victoria is now a local girl living in the heart of Rozelle with her partner and Frenchie "Duke", and all three are loving their new surroundings.

"The cafes and the atmosphere are probably what I love most about Rozelle and Balmain," says Victoria.

As part of the Goldwell Rising Stars Program Victoria will be encouraged to create her own look from head to toe. With just a few weeks preparation available she'll then showcase her model via a catwalk show at Goldwell's state of the art academy here in Sydney. If she's crowned the winner she'll tour around the country showcasing her designs to a broader audience.

As Victoria's stock continues to rise all those around her remain impressed and inspired by her determination to be better each and every day, and now as a member of the Goldwell Rising Stars program the sky truly is the limit for Victoria.

To see some of Victoria's beautiful work, take a look at the Emma Dean Salon Instagram page, or to book an appointment with Victoria check her availability online now.


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