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Our top 6 colours from this season!

Here are our top 6 colours from this season!

Dark Velvet Brown

This rich cool brown is Hot!

We love it for the slight colour variations of cool ash brown and slightly violet undertones that make it feel both warm and cool at the same time. Add texture to it by working in some slices of black and brown, while giving it some shine with deep blueberry undertones. Works well with a sharp blunt cut at mid length and is very easy to maintain.

Deep Mocha Cappuccino

This is one of those colours that everyone can have a variation of. With a play on warm brown tones, it has hints of cinnamon and some fine baby lights in warm blonde scattered throughout. Keep it lighter at the front and through the ends to frame the face and give you a lift. You can have as much lightness as you like while keeping the base as close to your natural colour as possible, this will be a minimal maintenance colour and will stay glowing on those chilly winter days.

Deep Cool Copper

One of our all-time favourites, this stunning copper is light but deep and cool but warm all at the same time. It is the perfect combination of all the colours we love. You can place some lighter golden pieces throughout and some deeper more cooler reds in very fine foils underneath giving it a veil of warmth while staying deep enough to ground the copper hues. It will have an incredible shine that glows and you will have people stopping you in the street to get a better look.

Creamy Clear Blonde

Here is how to be platinum blonde without the 4 weekly colour appointments. Keep your base a darker ash brown and your highlights finer towards the top, then, go heavy and bright towards the ends. This is the lightest blonde you will get and is so clear it looks like snow. This will require a complete home haircare range that will keep your locks in optimum condition with weekly treatments and low-level heat styling it will look best with a slightly more full, tousled look.

Peach & Pearl Platinum

This is high maintenance at it’s best, but so much fun! Think peach blonde foils over a platinum base with a pearl toner. Beautiful colour melting of two contrasting colours to work in perfect harmony. Cannot be done without Olaplex and a committed 4 weekly appointment. A strict at home regime and commitment to your appointment time of around 5 hours. It is so pretty and strong at the same time.

Deep Red Wine

Nothing like staying warm with a glass of Red by the fire. We love the return of the cranberry and mahogany tones that are gracing our fashion pages these days. The wonderful thing about this is, you can have it as bright as this or you can take it back and place it in foils underneath the parting to illuminate the darker base. An awesome winter warmer for those who dare to brave the cool reds.

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