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How To Do Boho Brands


Perfect for a night out OR just day-to-day wear.

To get this look, it’s best on the 2nd or 3rd day after washing. Clean hair will be a bit too tricky and you won’t get that messy result..

STEP 1: Add some of EVO’s Salty Dog sea-salt spray to add extra texture to hair hair. Dry in.

STEP 2: Curl hair with your Cloud Nine Waving Wand or Irons.

STEP 3: Run fingers through to separate and loosen curls.

STEP 4: From a middle parting, take a section from either side and loosely plait, leaving hair out at the front to frame the face.

STEP 5: Bring both plaits together, pinning just above the nape at the back of the head.

Remember: The messier, the better for this look. Don’t spent too much time fussing, it’s meant to look effortless!

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