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Bye Bye Frizzy Hair!

Ever dreamt of turning your frizzy & unmanageable hair

into a silky smooth mane that lasts for 4 - 6 months???


Using Novak's Keratin Smoothing Treatment - a safe & proven formaldehyde free method - you can go from frustrated to fabulous after just one visit.


Our Smoothing Treatments deliver outstanding results in achieving long-lasting manageable, de-frizzed hair!

How It Works


High-performing KeraShapeTechnology actively interacts with the hair’s structure


During the Keratin Treatment it penetrates into the hair and creates new keratin
bonds to re-shape the hair structure


The surface is long-lasting smoothened and softened

Same Day Results!


Life changing! That's how I describe our Smoothing Treatments after seeing countless incredible transformations. With 20 years industry experience, I would never recommend anything else to my clients.

Sylvia - Senior Hairdresser at Emma Dean Salon

image2 (1).jpeg

Before Smoothing Treatment

After Smoothing Treatment

image0 (2).jpeg

Before Smoothing Treatment

Brown Hair
image0 (2x).jpeg

Celeste M

I've been having regular smoothing treatments at Emma Dean Salon since 2016 and I love it!

Jen Morton.JPG

I've been having smoothing treatments for 3 years now. I use to have a problem with frizz & unwanted waves but now I absolutely love my hair!

Jen M

  • How long will my smoothing treatment last for?
    This can vary slightly from person to person and time of year, but 4 - 6 months is a reasonable expectation after just one visit
  • Is it harmful to me or my hair?
    Not at all. The Goldwell Keratin Smoothing Treatment is formaldahyde free and 100% safe to use. Like any treatment that involves heat - such as blowdrying etc - it's important to keep your hair well maintained, which is why we always recommend the use of regular revitalising treatments to keep your hair feeling fresh and healthy. With the right planning with your stylist your hair will remain as healthy as ever.
  • Will I require more than one visit to achieve good results?
    No! You'll be amazed what can be achieved after just one Smoothing Treatment.
  • How much does it cost and how long does it take?
    Smoothing Treatments can take up to 3.5 hours and cost $352.
  • Can I get a cut and / or colour done on the same day?
    Many of our clients get their cut done at the same time as the Smoothing Treatment as the two marry up quite well. We recomments clients wait at least two weeks after their most recent colour before booking their smoothing treatment to not comprimise their previous colour appointment's results.
  • Do men ever have smoothing treatments?
    Absolutely! We have many men (including one of our owners!) who regualrly book smoothing treatments to manage unwanted frizz and waves. Typically men have shorter hair, so as a result the cost and length of time required for this service is reduced.
  • If I only want part of my hair smoothed (fringe for example) will that cost less?
    Yes it will cost you less! If you have a specific problem area you want addressed then please book in a free consultation with one of our Senior Stylists to find out more!
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